Creation of Hallows Eve

Session 4

So. We have left Velec. Our arrival on Lycore was greeted with perhaps more fanfare than we might have liked, but the tour was certainly valuable. The guide seemed skittish, and upon questioning him, we discovered that there were strange sightings on the outskirts of town. This information we slept on, and in the morning questioned the town council as to the sightings. Our queries uncovered the presence of undead, though what sort we could not determine. We then bargained with the town council for a suitable sum that we would be paid upon removal of these undead. Thus we set out into the desert to try our skills in an aged crypt. What followed was a myriad of blunders and silly traps that afforded us neither money nor valor, and at long last we confronted the apparent leader of the undead, only to discover that this apparently vile infestation was nothing more than a temporary inhabitance for the purpose of a party. This we thought upon, until realizing that a reconciliation was possible. We returned to town and proposed to the council that they support this endeavor, in fact, allowing the town to partake of this undead night life, and thus bringing the residents closer to their neighbors. We then began preparations for a “Hallowed Eve” celebration, that would coincide with the undead’s “Death Day” party.




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