Day of Hallows

Session 5

To be read by the future generations after the death of the one known as Yvren U-bolt.

After a week of planning, it has begun, the unimaginable union of the living and the dead in the form of celebration of a death day and holiday begins today. While I certainly had never expected to be planning a celebration after my death, it is amusing to see the I have been the primary contact between both the living and the dead.

The night began with a tale from the kobold Kurakoth. He told us the tale of one of the first of his race, from the days when even the gods were young. The kobold, Kurtulmak, was larger than the rest of his race and thus acted as leader for his race and messenger for the first ruler, one of the first true mortal dragons. After the kobold raised the dragon to wealth above anything known by any dragon since, the dragon released the kobolds from his rule. It was then that Kurtulmak left to his own design, deciding to mine his own lair. Although he deigned to work alone, he nonetheless received help from every kobold he had worked with over the years And was able to build an enormous mine that rivalled or exceeded any building to date, and thus the kobolds were able to emerge from this mine as one of the dominant races of the world.

The gnome god saw this and was consumed by jealousy. He used his power to collapse the mine, killing the kobolds. Though chastised about this decision, he was never punished, and the kobolds were never avenged. Io, the high god, searched this rubble until he found Kurtulmak,and gave him a choice. He could restore the mighty kobolds life so that he might restore the glory of the kobolds, or he could perish, but the memory of him and his life would persist in the minds of kobolds forever. Ultimately the latter was chosen, and thus this is the story that was told.

His story concluded, Kurakoth left the stage.

This journal has been taken over by the gods of adventure logs. This event has been placed in stasis due to the mutual tiredness, lack of ideas and motivation of the DM and IRL player characters.

It will be resumed at the earliest convenience of the previously mentioned parties.




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