Day of Hallows Part 2!

Session 5 Part 2

Continued from part 1

The day of hallows has ended, and with great success. The stories told by my Lord Kurakoth were stunning to listen to, and the townsfolk mingled well with the undead, oblivious to the true natures of their guests. The tournament ended on a high note for the church of Kord, who won. A couple of difficulties cropped up, one of which was solved on that spot. Allow me to explain. An item from Kurakoth’s treasury disappeared during his performance; a ladder very dear to his heart. This I searched for diligently until Kurakoth told me to accompany him to deal with the second problem. Upon careful observation of the Lyricists performance, we discovered that they were subtly and sneakily inciting brawls amongst the revelers. Faithful Yvren U-bolt countered the insidious songs of these sirens, allowing the party to proceed unhindered. when questioned after about their activities, they responded that we should mind our own business, then they disappeared.

The next day, noble Reggir Flouronn, who had overindulged the previous night, discovered much of his gold and all his bread disappeared during the night. Upon conference with us, we went to report these thefts. During our march on the police station, my sword suddenly vanished and Kurakoth, in the same instant, began an epic chase along the city streets after the thief of our goods. This chase culminated in an epic combat against a massive viper, after we pursued her along a sewer tunnel into a mess of kobolds, who Kurakoth commandeered following his assassination of their leader. My blow vanquished the snake, after which Reggir Flouronn commenced the interrogation of the young thief, named Charity (Reggir Flouronn was speedy enough to assail her after she fell from a high point in the room before the snake appeared). Upon interrogation, we discovered her thievery had noble intent, as she was attempting to raise money to cure her adopted sisters from what we discovered to be filth fever. She eagerly returned much of what she had stolen from us in order to gain our favour and aid in saving her sisters. I plan in the morning to approach the church of moradin and appeal to their nobility and honour in order to procure a cure for these young scamps.



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