Finally got the gold!

Session 10

So Yvren and I came back from the tunnels when we found it branched off into a labyrinth. When we met up with everyone we decided to go check it out using the right-hand rule so we don’t get lost. First we got extra provisions from the crown in case we end up being in there for large amount of time.
We ended up running into some dire rats first a few hours in. I practiced my terrible aim with a bow while Goranth and Raggir beat them up. Turns out they’d eaten some gold…and a lot of it. There was also a strange mirror in one that we ended up finding out that it’s a two-way mirror connected to a kobold that wasn’t particularly interested in talking and deactivated the mirror. Kurakoth held onto the mirror and we kept going. We ran into some shiny lions that ended up vanishing on the spot. I determined that they were summoned and their duration had just ended. So we continued onward. We ended up at a cavern with a lake and a waterfall. Yvren played around a bit with his illusions and telekinesis by throwing fish at us while walking on water. We ended up camping there for the night as we had spent probably 12 hours walking around.
In the morning we checked the mirror again but couldn’t get it to activate until I recalled the phrase that turned it on initially. We were then looking at a fairly good-looking human with purple hair that apparently is this “Hannah” Raggir has spoken too. When she found out that the city of Pegra had been stolen from she knew instantly that it was someone called Topaz and told us to find him. She really wasn’t very helpful beyond that though. Kurakoth and Yvren said they would like to become her friend and she agreed as her goals should not interfere with theirs. I was just surprised at how much she seemed to know of our group considering what little we know of each other. We also managed to keep the mirror as a possible way to contact her in the future which may prove quite useful.
So we continued onward in the labyrinth after she deactivated the mirror. and ended up stumbling onto a topaz colored kobold taking a bath. Kurakoth shooed us out of the room and started calming the kobold down using the diplomatic approach. Unsure of how long this would take Yvren and I decided we would check out one of the other paths from the lake area. As we started to head out Kurakoth came back so we decided we might as well stay.
When to kobold found out why we were there he indirectly revealed that he was not Topaz as most of us assumed and he seemed quite perturbed. We followed him through a series of passages until we got to another cavern, this one much bigger with entrances that could fit Salty even. The kobold then told us to wait here and he left. When he returned he brought back a human and stated that this was our thief.
I congratulated him on a successful and possibly difficult heist as I was impressed that this lone human could rob an entire treasury by himself. Kurakoth was wondering why a human would be associating with kobolds at which point Topaz laughed and changed form to reveal his true form as a Topaz dragon. Yvren let us know later that Topaz dragons are gem dragons that are mostly neutral and use psionics. I’m glad we didn’t have to fight him and instead convinced him to return the gold and take credit for helping us find it. He agreed as he only stole it in the first place to prove that he could and had no real need for the money. Odd for a dragon.
Kurakoth talked with the kobold some more in private before we were led out of the caves near the city. Salty found us quite quickly. I waved and said hi but all he did was shoot lightning near me again, missed of course. Yvren commented on his poor aim and I agreed. Poor thing should learn to shoot straight….and to let go of a grudge over such a trivial matter. As we approached the castle I noticed Topaz dropping off the gold. Literally. He made it rain gold into the castle gardens. I was quite amused at his method of return. Kurakoth was to apparently as he clapped his hands over his head.
When we got to the castle gardens the queen approached us. She picked up one of the bags on the ground and gave it to us saying that it was our reward. We each got 2500 gold pieces and the group got a bag of holding. Having completed our task the queen offered to let us stay the night in the castle which we graciously accepted after some of us went shopping.
During the night I learned some new spells that found I could hold more in my memory at a time. I am pleased with my progress into the arcane and hope that my skill will continue to increase. I look forward to the point where I don’t require everyone else to fight while I practice my poor archery capabilities. Well, time for bed for who knows what tomorrow will bring…



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