Here There Be Dragons

Side-Plot of Reggir

So…let me be completely honest and say that waking up half-dead on a beach with a pack full of spoiled foods and your gold looted from your unconscious body is not a fun thing…But then again, the alternative of actually being dead from getting shot twice by dragon breath isn’t nice either. I still don’t really know how I’m alive right now.

Anyways, aside from my “genius” idea to simply approach some territorial blue dragons and yelling at them to stop fighting to speak to me…not the best of ideas…or one I should have gone with in the first place.

On the upside, I did find out I can use my breath underwater to kill fish enmasse to sell in the nearby market and gather some food as well as act as a form of echo location to find jewels. So that at least makes up for my money and food problem. Now to figure out the fastest way to catch up with Kurakoth and the others. I need to make it a point to get to know each of them- not knowing the group you travel with a big risk, and I was a fool for not acting on that sooner. I guess fleeing a Thieves Guild and travelling continents tends to make you forget that a bit. Who knew?

Well…this has been a whole lot of nothing to help me along the way. A desert has got to be the worst place to try and track a group with the constant sandstorms and uneven terrain. Maybe I’ll go a bit to the West and try to find that ocean that wasn’t too far along the map I looked at.

Okay. So this is a thing.

Apparently my luck turned around a bit today…because I’m now suddenly some sign for these blues I saw before about some weird draconic prophecy or something that has to do with this weird purple…female…thing that now is occupying part of my mind to keep me going towards…something…I still can’t get a straight answer as to what is going on from these cryptic dragons. Apparently it has to do a lot with my dragonborn scale colouring as well as the one who actually sent me the scales in the first place…once again in the dark as to that information that seems to involve me…A LOT. Turns out those two dragons names are Visalth and Medreth. That helps a bit being able to call a dragon on a name-basis. Even if it isn’t their true name.

Either way, thanks to Visalth, Medreth, and Purple-Dragon-Lady (man I need to find out her name as well, cause that just doesn’t sound good) I finally have a quick way to catch up to the others…and it looks like it involved flying on Visalth…This is going to be interesting.



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