The New Guy

Session 12

So we after we finished up with the thieves guild we somehow decided to stay and help with the aftermath and rebuilding or something like that. Apparently the guild was worse than I thought considering the entire town thought of us as heroes and didn’t even ask about all the stuff we got from the guild hall.
Anyways, while we were doing this some fancy-looking noble walks up and starts up a conversation with Shiny. I was curious so I moved over to join in (eavesdrop). Turns out his parents were killed right in front of him by the thieves guild years ago. I’d probably feel bad for him if it hadn’t happened decades ago and he wasn’t rich anyways. Kids I knew didn’t have parents to begin with and those that lost them lost everything else too, they didn’t have a mansion or servants to take care of them. Still, he bears a grudge for the thieves guild so he can’t be all that bad. Though I was surprised when he asked to join our party and more surprised at how quickly everyone agreed. Well everyone except Yvren but he’s never liked elves. To be honest I’m still a little surprised to find out that he’s a ghost, though it makes sense and explains a lot of what he can do.
Anyways, after he gets recruited that mirror thing lights up and we get a call from Hanna, Reggir‘s patron I guess, she basically tells us to go to these mountains that no one has ever returned from and find a town that no one has found and they can’t pinpoint it anymore than “it’s on the mountain”. Really narrowing the search there. So I’m viewing this as pretty much a suicide mission and then everyone agrees. I eventually do considering we have nothing better to do and to be honest I feel like if I’m with these guys we can accomplish things many have failed at.
So we go to the mountains grabbing a supply cache on the way and end up getting trapped in the mountains by some weird magic that basically made us loop back to some earlier point. It was an interesting bit of magic to be sure and far beyond what I can do at this moment but… maybe someday.
After a while we got attacked by some bats that were abnormally strong. During the fight Yvren possessed one of them which surprised me that he would reveal such an ability that could link him so easily to being a ghost in front of the New Guy. But I’m sure we can pass it off as some sort of magic spell.
But I’m getting off track. After the attack we rested and then in the morning set out for a cave we saw that the bats might have come from. Inside we found it crawling with thousands of beetles. Salty was actually useful for once and blasted at least half of them without hitting any of us. After we dealt with the rest we went deeper into the cave and found out its actually a tunnel that led out to where we are now.



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