One too many pilferings

Session 11

So, after a lovely night visitng with Visulth’s mate and Child, we then politely requested transport from the trio back to the continent of the notorious thieves guild that continued to hound Zanorin. Thus after a three hour tour of the local ocean, we arrived at the port city which we had left some weeks previous, and proceeded quickly to the town of ill repute which the guild had claimed as their own. During our trip, we were forced into conflict with a somewhat less than mighty green dragon, Who fell swiftly before the blades of Goranth. Upon arriving at the shabby town, we decided to split into two groups. Goranth, Zanorin, and Reggir the Gibbled all decided to assault the base from one of the hidden exits, whilst kurakoth multihued and the very spiritual Yvren sought to make a distraction. our infiltration was extremely successful, with no alarm raised on our end. When we arrived into the hideout, we were met by the betrayer, Vincent Craven-son, who we immediatly discovered to be posessed by Yvren with Kurakoth in the bag of holding.

After discovering their Shenanigans, we proceeded swiftly through the hideout, slaughtering all resistance. we throoughly looted the office of the leader, after which we killed him. He had unfortunately been transmuted to a statue, which allowed us ample time to prepare for the fight.

We have now left the hideout and are making our way to the nearest place of business to sell our liberated goods.



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