Scales of Balance

^That is a Pun^ <-That is a reference

Spoken by Kurakoth to Hanna

I see, so that is why I hear the music. Thank you, you have given me more serenity than I have had in my long life. I’m at a turning point, behind me, my kingdom, before me, my utopia. I shall be a pain reliever for all dragon-kind, I will hope once more, try again to spread peace and light to the dark corners of the world. Heh. Curious that this certainty gives me a wisdom I have not possessed in my life, like I can reach out and touch the cosmos. And yet, is this deja vu? Has this happened before? The wrongness in this world, a symptom of a worse affliction? Perhaps our places would have been reversed had I not been a kobold, or if the scripts of time had been rewound I born but a few years earlier. Though I suppose I might be dead then. And what of death? My beliefs are my command, an army of true believers that move from land to land, will my last will be enough to secure the kobold race their place in history? Or will my utopia fade into history. So much has been lost, the dwarfs (spit) are a shadow of their former selves thanks to the prejudices of race and the dragons fare little better with their compass lost to history. Will my companions and our deeds be lost to history? Will we matter? Will we succeed in bringing peace to the dragons like Reggir seems to driven to do? Seems an impossible task for so few, with so many inexperienced allies, so new to their lives as they are. No. I will not think such things. I will build the bridge to peace if I have to use my bones to do so. I’ve spilled enough blood in the cause of peace, if more is to be spilled let it be my own. Perhaps my star may yet shine brightly enough to guide nations. Thank-you again for the assistance, purple one, I go to join my allies…my friends. The king requires the presence of his aids for an audience and we have been requested to gather them. I wish you peace.



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