The Assembly

Session 1

Kurakoth is being too slow. So I, Goranth, am writing the first adventure post. Yvren U-bolt came across me by way of similar appearance, while the Prophet Kurakoth found his dragonkin Reggir Flouronn and they began on their quest for knowledge. Over the course of wandering the market, Yvren U-bolt and I noticed a particularly shiny kobold, who introduced himself as Kurakoth and his companion as Reggir Flouronn. The final party member, Zanorin, was accosted the next day by Reggir Flouronn whilst engaged in questionable activities. He was however convinced to join the party for the time being for the sake of mutual benefit. Later that evening, we came upon our first quest. A guard from the local manor was enlisting aid to search for a horse. Upon offering 750 gold for the horse’s return, this ragtag band of individuals jumped at the chance for gold and thus accepted the generous offer. Arriving at the manor to track the horse, I used my scent to track the trail the thief took, accompanied by Reggir Flouronn, whilst the other three took off on their own to pursue another line of inquiry.

After having run a long way only to end up in Flagship before returning straight to the manor, Reggir Flouronn and I arrived to find that the horse was already returned, with their companions getting a tour of the house. Feeling cheated of my glory and recognizing Zanorin‘s scent upon the trail, I attempted to avenge myself upon the sprightly rogue, barely missing. The young daughter, fascinated by Kurakoth’s multi-hued appearance, took considerable liking to him at first sight and her admiration grew as he took pains to look as attractive as possible. After the scuffle, only Kurakoth and Reggir Flouronn stayed the night at the manor, with the rest of us choosing to find their own lodgings. Yvren U-bolt and Zanorin explained to me why they went to get the horse on their own while on our way to our respective lodgings. What caused the remaining strange happenings of that night is unknown, but the area quite overnight acquired a significant population of both cats and dogs, some of which were found quite injured, by some mighty force having knocked them against trees.




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