The Ballad of Kurakoth Multihued

Verse 2, by Nabzif Plat

Our Lord, our lord, a helper of children
They’re healed, they’re healed, by a ghost-born draught
With a razor-sharp mind he chose the course
Deeper and deeper into the darkness they fought

He sought out evil to smite it all
Instead, instead, masks he found
Water was purified, presents received
Onward the journey above the ground

Lightning and thunder smote Reggir
He flailed, he flailed, and finally fell
Yvren went forth to loot his corpse
Onwards, onwards to where dragons now dwell

Kurakoth, Kurakoth
Kruziik rovaaniik
Hin kurlah ni geblaan bahzim amativ
pel hin kalah, gegein pah
kriist mul midrak paal
Kurakoth, ko hin vahrukt mu mirodah



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