The Circus

Session 2

To be read by the future generations after the death of the one known as Yvren U-bolt.

Today’s circus turned out to be greater then I had dared hope. While the music and dancing was fantastic, the animals and other entertainment were the ones that caught my attention. The most exotic of them where not of this plane. This could only mean that they were brought here by a spell caster of the most powerful variety – perhaps the very one I seek.

My disguise has served me well thus far, as none yet suspect my true nature, and I am able to mingle with the elves which have served as the bane of my existence. From them, I was able to extract the name of the owner of the circus, Lucian.

I followed Lucian for the day, although to my chagrin, the thief Zanorin had followed me nearly the entire time. Since I had no intention of revealing my identity to this child (he is not even an adult among his own people!) I was unable to hide or be as close to Lucian as I would have liked.

It was not until the strange kobold Kurakoth found us and revealed a plot between Lucian and his wife that Zanorin was convinced to leave, since his skills would likely have been needed to spy on her. I think I owe Kurakoth a bottle of wine for his help, regardless that he did not know how much he helped me. Do kobolds drink wine? Gods know these blasted elves are so fond of it. Perhaps he would like something different like a cooked rat or a young elf maiden or something. I’m sure I can arrange something.

Luckily, with the nuisance Zanorin gone, I was able to trail Lucian until he met with his wife for the pointless chatter of the elvish kind, before retiring to bed. Once they were asleep, I was able to freely search the room for evidence of the kind Kurakoth requested. The information I gleaned, however mostly pertained to the woman’s youth, long even by my standards thus. The information also gave me valuable insight into Lucian, for it was he who gathered the animals for the circus, and thus confirming my suspicion. He is a powerful spell caster, and I have no doubt that he holds information that I will find most valuable. I suppose it is of note that there were also writings in the woman’s diary that she witnessed the exchange between Lucian and Faera, and was concerned about it. From the looks of it, she is concerned about her relationship. What trivial things these creatures worry about.

Since I agreed to aid Kurakoth and the others of the group I have managed to find myself in, I was able to secure a pair of earrings, inside of a small box. They were hidden underneath a pair of Lucian’s undergarments, presumably to hide from his wife. I took these and searched for Faera, hoping to compare them to the necklace she supposedly received. (Though I too had witnessed the exchange, the fawning that the elves perform to gain the favor of another is often lost on me, and I deemed it irrelevant). Finding Faera, I followed her to bed, and then looked at the necklace she received. The pieces were similar, and thus I believe they are of a set, although it is possible that they are not. What is interesting though, is that all the jewellery was magical; divination enchantments had been bestowed on the necklace and slightly stronger enchantments of the same school placed on the earrings. I have yet to determine the reason for these.

I returned the necklace to it’s previous place, and returned myself to watch over Lucian. I have yet to return to my disguise, though I think that it might be beneficial if I adopt a different one for now, that I may speak to Lucian and inquire as to his knowledge, without him recognizing me in my usual disguise. I will meditate on this, that I may make the right decision.

-Yvren U-bolt



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