The Delivery

Mistakes Have Been Made

From “Tomes of the Vision Quest: The City of Dragons”

Let it be said that riding horseback-style on a dragon only works when you have scales of your own to cushion the movements. I would be in such pain and discomfort if I were still a simple elf. Flying on a dragon is much more exhilarating however, as you have a much larger view and the air is so much cleaner.

Regardless, after much travel and inner-thought, I finally caught up to my group with the help of Visulth. I believe it will take time to get him to trust me further than he does as of late, though. The only true conversation I’ve gleaned from him seems to be about this Hannah and The Mission. I hardly believe it is as simple as protecting me, even if he is a juvenile and may not have been told much more than that. I must make an effort to gather his favour as well as find out more, if I can, about the surrounding area and other dragons living about.

The goblins that ambushed us on the road through the desert seemed as though they were prepared for us, but given how they could not scratch myself or Goranth and were easily outplayed by Kurakoth’s spells seems to state otherwise. An otherwise uneventful encounter.

Reaching the city itself and approaching the gates brought about some very interesting information, as we (myself especially) were quite nervous of the potential reaction to Visulth if he followed too closely, even from the air. Turns out we had no true reason to worry, as the city seems to be a neutral zone of sorts to all dragons in the surrounding areas after speaking to Queen Delura and her daughter, Nelota. Seeing a girl as young as the princess walk up to Visulth so calmly and to see the familiarity is something I someday hope will be a more common thing for people (but that comes after bridging gaps between the dragons themselves, no small feat in itself). Zanorin was nothing but annoying for the most part of the delivery, however, as his still-young thoughts egged him into teasing a dragon, regardless of the power they hold. I can still swear a few scales on my back are close to falling off at any point given the shots Visulth and Medreth had fired upon me.

Unfortunately, the trip lost all sense of wonder (at least the good kind) from this point as it turns out the castle vault has been completely emptied. It is a truly outrageous task to have been completed, and I worry given our information that the vaults are not frequently checked sets a good chance the riches are quite a ways away from the city already. From the information Kurakoth, Goranth and I collected, the Prince seems incredibly suspicious (to myself at the very least, I have not asked Kurakoth and Goranth of their opinions yet) due to his being the one most often checking the vault and that he had been there the night before at it was “fine”. The hole in the vault is obviously the way the thieves escaped with it, but the tunnel seems like it is quite long, considering Yvren’s and Zanorin’s lack of appearance. I wonder sometimes how often they truly stay around if not to simply wait before going their own way once again. Another question I intend to answer if I can find out anything more about either of them. Given how reclusive they are, I feel like that may be a more difficult task than getting more of Visulth’s trust.

I must find a way to let my allies know of my suspicions before it is too late to potentially act upon them. On the other hand, I must also find a way to learn a few of Kurakoth’s tricks. For the “old, wizened kobold” I had originally pegged him for, he has many clever ways of getting his messages across as well as be very adept at grabbing everyone’s attention. I can understand more and more as the journey continues how he could be a second Kurlamak. For now, we wait for Zanorin and Yvren to return unless they take much longer. Perhaps I can take the time to attempt another pass at gaining Visulth’s trust.



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