The Kraken-Tamers

Twas a fair fine day when we set out from Rasund, only to be quickly marred by the encounter of a dangerous Kraken, or so we thought. not a minute into the fight we discovered, via much injury to our friendly Dragon pet, that this Kraken was far beyond our military might to put down. however, simultaneously, we discovered that this Kraken was not interested in fighting us for fighting’s sake. We then deigned to enlist its help in crossing the mighty ocean, that we might set eyes upon another continent, having had quite enough of this one for the moment. We offered food in exchange for travel, and the Kraken heartily agreed. Many days out upon the ocean, after Yvren U-bolt, who had vanished in the fight with the Kraken, returned to us, we were set upon by pirates. more precisely, we set upon the pirates, having spied them from afar and deemed to repel them in a most perfunctory manner. The Kraken remained at its location whilst we undertook to drop upon the enemy ship from far above, thus acquiring the element of surprise. Despite Stronith Millative’s best efforts, we were in fact victorious and much jibbing was made at his perilous lack of focus in that combat. At this writing, we remain upon the sea in our newly found ship, with the newly titled “Captain” Yvren U-bolt at the helm, steering us safely to port.



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