Female Elf

Alignment Unknown
Age 68
Hometown Malek
Height 4’8"
Weight 86 lb.
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Red
Left/Right Handed Unknown
Defining Features Unknown
Preferred Clothing Emerald Noble’s Outfit
Motivations Unknown
Fears Unknown
Likes Shiny objects with lots of colours, Kurakoth
Dislikes Seeing unhappy people
Quirks Unknown


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Father Lord Balafin About 200 Elf Friendly Unknown Malek
Friend Kurakoth 121 Kobold Friendly True Neutral PC
Aquaintance Lucian Unknown Elf Friendly Unknown The Extraplanar Circus

Faera has never been allowed outside of the city of Malek. She is free spirited, wishing to be able to explore the world when she comes of age and leave the so-called safety of her family’s protection. She does not know yet what she wants to call herself when she is allowed to choose her name, but she knows she does not wish to keep her current connections.

When she met Kurakoth she saw a fellow being trying to find his place in the world and immediately connected to the feeling. She hopes that somehow this could be her ticket out of the prison of her father’s gaze.

The party spotted Lucian giving a small box, later found to contain a pearl necklace, to Faera. The purpose of this exchange is currently unknown and the party is investigating.


Gezegen Oroano