Male Feral Incarnate Warforged Warblade

Experience 10000
Level 3
Alignment Lawful Neutral – Honour at all times. Insult met with Vengeance. No killing without reason. Logic is essential, but is not always right!
Age 18 Months
Hometown None
Height 7’
Weight 300lbs
Eye Colour Fluorescent Green
Hair Colour No Hair
Right/Left Handed Right handed
Defining Features Squarish head
Preferred Clothing Medium Armor
Motivations As a former warforged, satisfactory completion of the challenge is sufficient motivation for Goranth to do just about anything.
Fears Being Destroyed
Likes Weapons, success, and practicing his crafts.
Dislikes Explosions and foolish scenarios.
Quirks Despite the use of the incarnate construct spell, having a prior intelligent personality means that Goranth retains many of his warforged personality traits, such as curiosity, and a knack for philosophical debate.


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment (if known) Current Location
Creator Drunveit Old Dwarf Very Friendly Presumably neutral Presumed Dead

Goranth first awoke to a blinding light shining down upon him. His first instinct was to get up, but he found himself unable to move. Upon inspection he found that steel bands tied him to the table, above which there was a light source of incredible potency. High above that, little spots glimmered in an inky black expanse. Goranth heard a voice:

“At last, my creation is AWAKE!”

A shuffling sound from the other side of the room, then a face appeared overhead, blocking out the light. Goranth was surprised that he could still see the face clearly, despite its backdrop of blinding white. The wide, friendly face cracked into a grin, and then opened wide.

“Welcome, my son, to your home! Sit up, please, and look around, take a few steps, we have so much to accomplish! You, my child, are destined for mighty deeds that you shall accomplish with a kaleidoscope of people from far and wide across this great plane!”

Goranth stood up, and stretched. He walked forward, then back, then side to side. Everything seemed to be working, though Goranth could hear a grinding sound as he walked. He turned to the little man with the wide face and broad stature, and slowly spoke.

“Master… why…do…I…not…move…smoothly…?”

“Goranth, that is one of the many things about you that I have yet to correct. In time, you will walk as I do, without resistance from your limbs.”

Goranth nodded, and then lay back down on the table.

Goranth’s creator, Drunveit, taught him many skills while he worked at making Goranth human. Reading, writing, several languages, and the use of weapons and armor were all part of the itinerary for Goranth’s education.

After several weeks, Goranth’s creator made good on his word… in a manner of speaking. Goranth awoke in a pile of ash, the house nowhere to be found, but he no longer made squeaking or grinding noises when he moved. Finding a small piece of reflective material, he looked into it and saw a squarish, hairless head with hard eyes, a flat square nose and generally flat features. He was unsure what to make of this new figure, so he ignored it. Acquiring a massive hammer from the wreckage and tools from a small chest he found undamaged, he ventured out into the wilds, hiding there and surviving on the land. He feels himself drawn more and more to the city, where he hopes to discover what happened the night his home was ruined.

While he bides his time for a good opportunity, he spends many of his waking hours salvaging what he can from the various places around his territory. He has a small collection of books detailing past events, and from them he has learned that he is on the continent of Velec, near the city of Malek, whose populace is mostly elves, with the occasional human. His time in the woodland has made him fast, strong (though his creator’s teachings allow him to temper his strength with forethought), and able to endure massive punishment (including but not limited to trees falling on his head, bears trying to eat him, and other applicable woodland dangers….) and he feels the time is nigh to begin his adventure!


Gezegen Jhuldan