Reggir Flouronn

Male Dragonborn Elf Monk

Experience 10000
Level 3
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Age 125
Hometown Drasnia
Height 6’2"
Weight 175lb
Eye Colour Cobalt
Hair Colour Crimson
Right/Left Handed Ambidextrous
Defining Features Elvish features on a dragonoid body due to ritual to become a Dragonborn
Preferred Clothing Hooded cloak to disguise dragon like features
Armour/Weapons Basic monk robes and fists
Motivations Peace amongst all dragon kind in the name of Io
Fears The extinction of all dragon kind
Likes Peace and dragons
Dislikes Dragon slayers and arguments
Quirks Enjoys tales of dragons as long as the only ones that die do so in some honourable way, otherwise the story is garbage. Enjoys learning new things about dragons.


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Associate Kit Unknown Blue Dragon Indifferent Lawful Evil Ista Deserts

Reggir Flouronn always had a fascination with dragons. Whether it was lowly kobolds or high-end wyrms, tales of the dragons- their battles, their lifespans, their lifestyles- always had Reggir at the edge of his seat. That and the fact that a dragon pretty much protected their home as long as he was brought some food relatively often.

Being an elf, Reggir learned much about the different foods the dragon preferred as well as some of his mannerisms and personality as he grew older. He eventually took over as the village’s leader for bringing food/trinkets to the dragon so as to not only gain a higher acceptance in his village, but to also have easier access to potential conversations with Kit (the dragon’s name he discovered later on after delivering offerings for a few years).

Having a longer lifespan due to his elven lineage, Reggir was able to learn much about the dragons as well as travel to the nearby city of Manda to read up on additional information pertaining to the dragons. This led to his understanding of the Draconic language as well as snippets of a great dragon named Io. Upon later questioning Kit about this dragon, she scoffed and told him it was nothing but tales spun by adventurers to explain the birth of the dragons.

Reggir later gained a bit more trust from Kit, who eventually explained that the tale of Io was true, but that not all details were shared due to the nature of the tale. As Reggir discovered, the dragons were originally made by Io to create a prosperous race. This was to be done through two of Io’s children, Tiamat and Bahamut. They were to mate and create countless offspring that would unite the dragon race. This was not something that ended well, as Tiamat proceeded to kill another of Io’s children and attempted to place the blame upon Bahamut. Io saw through the banished Tiamat from her side, which spawned the battle between the prismatic dragons of Bahamut and the chromatic dragons of Tiamat.

Upon hearing this tale, Reggir began to wonder if Io’s idea was a grand one or not. Upon mentioning this to Kit, he simply stated that if it were to happen it would not take a fool idly sitting on his rear while battles are raged across the land. Only upon sacrifice and action would such a task be possible, and even then it would be a foolhardy one. Reggir took this as the closest thing to a “Go ahead and try.” as he could get, and proceeded to train in the ways of the monk so as to temper his mind and body for the travels ahead.

During his training, he was approached by a strange hooded fellow whom he swore had the features of a dragon. When presented with a gift of gems he was told, “Research the ways of the Dragonborn young one. Once you have found what you seek and temper your mind and body further than most mere mortals dare, you shall be one step closer to what you seek.” Reggir later discovered this ritual, and upon careful consideration of the sacrifices required, took the plunge and submitted himself to the Dragonborn calling. This ritual did not go as a normal ritual would however, as Reggir’s ritual was done in the name of peace amongst ALL dragons rather than the elimination of all evil dragons, he was born as a Dragonborn of Io – the first of his kind.

Reggir now travels by ship to the city of Malek, on the continent of Velec, where his adventure towards the cooperation of the draconic race begins anew with his learnings at his side, and Io silently at his shoulders.

Reggir Flouronn

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