Stronith Millative

Male Elf Rogue

Alias Notbatman
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Age 113
Hometown Llandarin
Height 6’3"
Weight 130 lbs.
Eye Colour Emerald
Hair Colour Void
Left/Right Handed Left
Defining Features Tall for an elf
Preferred Clothing Dark and tight
Motivations Revenge
Fears Notbats
Likes Vengeance
Dislikes Thieves (but tends to steal quite a bit)
Quirks Questionable Sexuality


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Mother Martha Millative Dead Elf (Dead) Friendly (Dead) Dead Dead
Father Thomas Millative Dead Elf (Dead) Friendly (Dead) Dead Dead
Servant Ahlphred 226 Elf Friendly Lawful Neutral with the PCs

Bruce Way- ahem Stronith Millative was born into a wealthy elven family. Living in the large city of Llandarin, his life was full of opportunity both good and bad. The existence of the thieves guild was something no one enjoyed but was still something they had to endure. Stronith was cursed with a horrible encounter with them at a yound age. Outside of the Llandarin opera house, Stronith and his parents ran into a few members of the Thieves guild. They did not intend to kill Thomas and Martha but when they did not comply with the thieves oders they had no other choice. The thieves lunged with their swords and daggers in hand. Being pampered elves who rarely got their hards dirty, their lack of combat experience and fragile form saw to a quick demise for the both of them. Stronith froze in shock as he saw the blood of his parents paint the ground. The thieves turned to face the pale wide eyed young elven boy, shaking off the shock of his parents gruesome death he turned and ran as fast as his legs would allow. Quickly turning down a back alley and hiding behind some trash cans he was able to lose the thieves. Once they had turned a corner and the sound of their footsteps faded Stronith began to relax, but like daggers images of his parents bloody mangled bodies stabbed into his mind. His face tightened up and he felt tears start to run down his face. He began to sob uncontrollably among the garbage, torn apart by the sudden loss of his only family members. But his cries of sadness soon became screams of anger and hatred. he looked at the footprints of the thieves in the mud of the alley and stood up. From that day forth he vowed to train himself and condition his body so he could destroy every last member of the thieves guild.

Stronith Millative

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