Yvren U-bolt

Male Warforged Harbinger

Experience 10000
Level 3
Alignment Neutral Evil
Age 113
Hometown Ral’Endas
Height 6’6
Weight 320 lbs
Eye Colour none
Hair Colour none
Right/Left Handed Right
Defining Features Incorporeal
Preferred Clothing Anything that covers
Motivations Revenge
Fears That he will never achieve his goal.
Likes Singing, music, performing
Dislikes Having his identity known
Quirks Metaaal!


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Father Drunveit Unknown Dwarf Unknown Unknown The Upper Planes

Born to a small, peaceful warforged town in Velec, near the Vail Mountains. In one of the frequent raids from the elves of Altin, Yvren was captured and taken to the lair of a powerful sorcerer to be part of an experiment. During this experiment, Yvren was transformed into a humanoid, but the stress of the transformation was too much for his body to bear, and he died.

However, Yvren’s anger at having his peaceful way of life stolen, and his fellow townspeople’s murder did not allow him to leave this world. Thus Yvren’s spirit returned in an attempt to wreak revenge upon his murderer as a ghost.

At this time, however, Yvren’s murderer was no where to be found, and thus he has been searching for the last 113 years across the continent of Velec. Yvren has recently realized that his usual cautious manner is obstructing his search, and thus he is intending to find some allies who will be able to help him in his endeavor.

Yvren U-bolt

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