Day of Hallows Part 2!
Session 5 Part 2

Continued from part 1

The day of hallows has ended, and with great success. The stories told by my Lord Kurakoth were stunning to listen to, and the townsfolk mingled well with the undead, oblivious to the true natures of their guests. The tournament ended on a high note for the church of Kord, who won. A couple of difficulties cropped up, one of which was solved on that spot. Allow me to explain. An item from Kurakoth’s treasury disappeared during his performance; a ladder very dear to his heart. This I searched for diligently until Kurakoth told me to accompany him to deal with the second problem. Upon careful observation of the Lyricists performance, we discovered that they were subtly and sneakily inciting brawls amongst the revelers. Faithful Yvren U-bolt countered the insidious songs of these sirens, allowing the party to proceed unhindered. when questioned after about their activities, they responded that we should mind our own business, then they disappeared.

The next day, noble Reggir Flouronn, who had overindulged the previous night, discovered much of his gold and all his bread disappeared during the night. Upon conference with us, we went to report these thefts. During our march on the police station, my sword suddenly vanished and Kurakoth, in the same instant, began an epic chase along the city streets after the thief of our goods. This chase culminated in an epic combat against a massive viper, after we pursued her along a sewer tunnel into a mess of kobolds, who Kurakoth commandeered following his assassination of their leader. My blow vanquished the snake, after which Reggir Flouronn commenced the interrogation of the young thief, named Charity (Reggir Flouronn was speedy enough to assail her after she fell from a high point in the room before the snake appeared). Upon interrogation, we discovered her thievery had noble intent, as she was attempting to raise money to cure her adopted sisters from what we discovered to be filth fever. She eagerly returned much of what she had stolen from us in order to gain our favour and aid in saving her sisters. I plan in the morning to approach the church of moradin and appeal to their nobility and honour in order to procure a cure for these young scamps.

Day of Hallows
Session 5

To be read by the future generations after the death of the one known as Yvren U-bolt.

After a week of planning, it has begun, the unimaginable union of the living and the dead in the form of celebration of a death day and holiday begins today. While I certainly had never expected to be planning a celebration after my death, it is amusing to see the I have been the primary contact between both the living and the dead.

The night began with a tale from the kobold Kurakoth. He told us the tale of one of the first of his race, from the days when even the gods were young. The kobold, Kurtulmak, was larger than the rest of his race and thus acted as leader for his race and messenger for the first ruler, one of the first true mortal dragons. After the kobold raised the dragon to wealth above anything known by any dragon since, the dragon released the kobolds from his rule. It was then that Kurtulmak left to his own design, deciding to mine his own lair. Although he deigned to work alone, he nonetheless received help from every kobold he had worked with over the years And was able to build an enormous mine that rivalled or exceeded any building to date, and thus the kobolds were able to emerge from this mine as one of the dominant races of the world.

The gnome god saw this and was consumed by jealousy. He used his power to collapse the mine, killing the kobolds. Though chastised about this decision, he was never punished, and the kobolds were never avenged. Io, the high god, searched this rubble until he found Kurtulmak,and gave him a choice. He could restore the mighty kobolds life so that he might restore the glory of the kobolds, or he could perish, but the memory of him and his life would persist in the minds of kobolds forever. Ultimately the latter was chosen, and thus this is the story that was told.

His story concluded, Kurakoth left the stage.

This journal has been taken over by the gods of adventure logs. This event has been placed in stasis due to the mutual tiredness, lack of ideas and motivation of the DM and IRL player characters.

It will be resumed at the earliest convenience of the previously mentioned parties.


Creation of Hallows Eve
Session 4

So. We have left Velec. Our arrival on Lycore was greeted with perhaps more fanfare than we might have liked, but the tour was certainly valuable. The guide seemed skittish, and upon questioning him, we discovered that there were strange sightings on the outskirts of town. This information we slept on, and in the morning questioned the town council as to the sightings. Our queries uncovered the presence of undead, though what sort we could not determine. We then bargained with the town council for a suitable sum that we would be paid upon removal of these undead. Thus we set out into the desert to try our skills in an aged crypt. What followed was a myriad of blunders and silly traps that afforded us neither money nor valor, and at long last we confronted the apparent leader of the undead, only to discover that this apparently vile infestation was nothing more than a temporary inhabitance for the purpose of a party. This we thought upon, until realizing that a reconciliation was possible. We returned to town and proposed to the council that they support this endeavor, in fact, allowing the town to partake of this undead night life, and thus bringing the residents closer to their neighbors. We then began preparations for a “Hallowed Eve” celebration, that would coincide with the undead’s “Death Day” party.


Leaving Velec
Session 3

To be read by the future generations after the death of the one known as Yvren U-bolt.

Today as well has been interesting. While we were able to confront Lucian, it was unfortunate that I had my elven disguise on, as none of the party recognized me. I was able to interject myself into the conversation, while arousing the suspicion of Reggir Flouronn. Curse that one, for he nearly ended the confrontation to know who I was. Once again it was the kobold Kurakoth who saved the conversation; I certainly owe Kurakoth something.

We were able to learn the true reason for Lucian‘s exchange with Faera, as well as the purpose of the spell. It turns out that Faera, as a foolish young elf, desires to leave her father’s oppressive rule (If only she knew the benefits of family!) and had enlisted Lucians help to escape. The spell was used to communicate between Faera and Lucian, and to teleport Faera to Lucian. We explained to Lucian his wife’s concerns, and explained that it looked like he was courting a young elf maiden. He understood and left to speak to his wife.

It was then that I noticed that Zanorin had gone deathly pale and was attempting to hide himself from someone. After a brief explanation of his old acquaintance, the party formed up to hide him. I asked who was causing his concern, a <insert> looking man. I readied myself to attack him if he noticed Zanorin, but he did not. I followed Zanorin to the gate before coming up with some excuse relating to my guise as a messenger to excuse myself. I returned to Lucian and questioned him about his magical background, and to my disappointment, he was unable to give me much of the information I sought.

I exchanged the elven disguise for my usual warforged disguise, and rushed my way to flagship to meet the rest of the party. After waiting for the ship to leave, we were able to hear about Zanorin’s past. It turns out that he is an orphan who was taken up by a thieves guild. It was his opinion that the guild was more of a prison than a benefit, and tried to leave. This did not go over well, and he was forced to flee for his life. The <insert> looking man we had seen turned out to be the head of said guild.

Perhaps this child is not so foolish as I had previously thought. I can certainly relate, having lost my town in a similar injustice.

After this, I retired to my provided quarters to play my lute, while the others retired to their own meditations or dinner. Late in the trip, Zanorin joined me in my quarters to watch me play my lute.

I await what I might be able to learn on the new continent of Lycore. We have been moving much faster than I would have liked, although I must stick with the ways of these living beings if I am to get what I need.

-Yvren U-bolt

The Circus
Session 2

To be read by the future generations after the death of the one known as Yvren U-bolt.

Today’s circus turned out to be greater then I had dared hope. While the music and dancing was fantastic, the animals and other entertainment were the ones that caught my attention. The most exotic of them where not of this plane. This could only mean that they were brought here by a spell caster of the most powerful variety – perhaps the very one I seek.

My disguise has served me well thus far, as none yet suspect my true nature, and I am able to mingle with the elves which have served as the bane of my existence. From them, I was able to extract the name of the owner of the circus, Lucian.

I followed Lucian for the day, although to my chagrin, the thief Zanorin had followed me nearly the entire time. Since I had no intention of revealing my identity to this child (he is not even an adult among his own people!) I was unable to hide or be as close to Lucian as I would have liked.

It was not until the strange kobold Kurakoth found us and revealed a plot between Lucian and his wife that Zanorin was convinced to leave, since his skills would likely have been needed to spy on her. I think I owe Kurakoth a bottle of wine for his help, regardless that he did not know how much he helped me. Do kobolds drink wine? Gods know these blasted elves are so fond of it. Perhaps he would like something different like a cooked rat or a young elf maiden or something. I’m sure I can arrange something.

Luckily, with the nuisance Zanorin gone, I was able to trail Lucian until he met with his wife for the pointless chatter of the elvish kind, before retiring to bed. Once they were asleep, I was able to freely search the room for evidence of the kind Kurakoth requested. The information I gleaned, however mostly pertained to the woman’s youth, long even by my standards thus. The information also gave me valuable insight into Lucian, for it was he who gathered the animals for the circus, and thus confirming my suspicion. He is a powerful spell caster, and I have no doubt that he holds information that I will find most valuable. I suppose it is of note that there were also writings in the woman’s diary that she witnessed the exchange between Lucian and Faera, and was concerned about it. From the looks of it, she is concerned about her relationship. What trivial things these creatures worry about.

Since I agreed to aid Kurakoth and the others of the group I have managed to find myself in, I was able to secure a pair of earrings, inside of a small box. They were hidden underneath a pair of Lucian’s undergarments, presumably to hide from his wife. I took these and searched for Faera, hoping to compare them to the necklace she supposedly received. (Though I too had witnessed the exchange, the fawning that the elves perform to gain the favor of another is often lost on me, and I deemed it irrelevant). Finding Faera, I followed her to bed, and then looked at the necklace she received. The pieces were similar, and thus I believe they are of a set, although it is possible that they are not. What is interesting though, is that all the jewellery was magical; divination enchantments had been bestowed on the necklace and slightly stronger enchantments of the same school placed on the earrings. I have yet to determine the reason for these.

I returned the necklace to it’s previous place, and returned myself to watch over Lucian. I have yet to return to my disguise, though I think that it might be beneficial if I adopt a different one for now, that I may speak to Lucian and inquire as to his knowledge, without him recognizing me in my usual disguise. I will meditate on this, that I may make the right decision.

-Yvren U-bolt

The Assembly
Session 1

Kurakoth is being too slow. So I, Goranth, am writing the first adventure post. Yvren U-bolt came across me by way of similar appearance, while the Prophet Kurakoth found his dragonkin Reggir Flouronn and they began on their quest for knowledge. Over the course of wandering the market, Yvren U-bolt and I noticed a particularly shiny kobold, who introduced himself as Kurakoth and his companion as Reggir Flouronn. The final party member, Zanorin, was accosted the next day by Reggir Flouronn whilst engaged in questionable activities. He was however convinced to join the party for the time being for the sake of mutual benefit. Later that evening, we came upon our first quest. A guard from the local manor was enlisting aid to search for a horse. Upon offering 750 gold for the horse’s return, this ragtag band of individuals jumped at the chance for gold and thus accepted the generous offer. Arriving at the manor to track the horse, I used my scent to track the trail the thief took, accompanied by Reggir Flouronn, whilst the other three took off on their own to pursue another line of inquiry.

After having run a long way only to end up in Flagship before returning straight to the manor, Reggir Flouronn and I arrived to find that the horse was already returned, with their companions getting a tour of the house. Feeling cheated of my glory and recognizing Zanorin‘s scent upon the trail, I attempted to avenge myself upon the sprightly rogue, barely missing. The young daughter, fascinated by Kurakoth’s multi-hued appearance, took considerable liking to him at first sight and her admiration grew as he took pains to look as attractive as possible. After the scuffle, only Kurakoth and Reggir Flouronn stayed the night at the manor, with the rest of us choosing to find their own lodgings. Yvren U-bolt and Zanorin explained to me why they went to get the horse on their own while on our way to our respective lodgings. What caused the remaining strange happenings of that night is unknown, but the area quite overnight acquired a significant population of both cats and dogs, some of which were found quite injured, by some mighty force having knocked them against trees.



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