The Kraken-Tamers

Twas a fair fine day when we set out from Rasund, only to be quickly marred by the encounter of a dangerous Kraken, or so we thought. not a minute into the fight we discovered, via much injury to our friendly Dragon pet, that this Kraken was far beyond our military might to put down. however, simultaneously, we discovered that this Kraken was not interested in fighting us for fighting’s sake. We then deigned to enlist its help in crossing the mighty ocean, that we might set eyes upon another continent, having had quite enough of this one for the moment. We offered food in exchange for travel, and the Kraken heartily agreed. Many days out upon the ocean, after Yvren U-bolt, who had vanished in the fight with the Kraken, returned to us, we were set upon by pirates. more precisely, we set upon the pirates, having spied them from afar and deemed to repel them in a most perfunctory manner. The Kraken remained at its location whilst we undertook to drop upon the enemy ship from far above, thus acquiring the element of surprise. Despite Stronith Millative’s best efforts, we were in fact victorious and much jibbing was made at his perilous lack of focus in that combat. At this writing, we remain upon the sea in our newly found ship, with the newly titled “Captain” Yvren U-bolt at the helm, steering us safely to port.

Scales of Balance
^That is a Pun^ <-That is a reference

Spoken by Kurakoth to Hanna

I see, so that is why I hear the music. Thank you, you have given me more serenity than I have had in my long life. I’m at a turning point, behind me, my kingdom, before me, my utopia. I shall be a pain reliever for all dragon-kind, I will hope once more, try again to spread peace and light to the dark corners of the world. Heh. Curious that this certainty gives me a wisdom I have not possessed in my life, like I can reach out and touch the cosmos. And yet, is this deja vu? Has this happened before? The wrongness in this world, a symptom of a worse affliction? Perhaps our places would have been reversed had I not been a kobold, or if the scripts of time had been rewound I born but a few years earlier. Though I suppose I might be dead then. And what of death? My beliefs are my command, an army of true believers that move from land to land, will my last will be enough to secure the kobold race their place in history? Or will my utopia fade into history. So much has been lost, the dwarfs (spit) are a shadow of their former selves thanks to the prejudices of race and the dragons fare little better with their compass lost to history. Will my companions and our deeds be lost to history? Will we matter? Will we succeed in bringing peace to the dragons like Reggir seems to driven to do? Seems an impossible task for so few, with so many inexperienced allies, so new to their lives as they are. No. I will not think such things. I will build the bridge to peace if I have to use my bones to do so. I’ve spilled enough blood in the cause of peace, if more is to be spilled let it be my own. Perhaps my star may yet shine brightly enough to guide nations. Thank-you again for the assistance, purple one, I go to join my allies…my friends. The king requires the presence of his aids for an audience and we have been requested to gather them. I wish you peace.

Caves and Creations
Flying Fish...Never Again

From the journal of Reggir Flouronn:

So that cave we exited? Yeah, that was an interesting start to things. Let’s just say that when the first thing you see upon leaving a cave is swarms of levitating piranha flying at you…you know the day is just going to get weirder.

So here’s how things went:
Yvren put up an illusionary wall to try and trick the fish…didn’t work. In hindsight, creatures that have existed here for who knows how long would have a better knowledge of the area than we would give them credit for. Anyways, after we finished dealing with those things we climbed down the cliffside into a long and overgrown forest. This didn’t really lead us to much…until Yvren saw something upon doing his ghostly…spectre…stuff (Give me a break, just because I’ve lived 125 years doesn’t mean I know anything about ghosts. My whole life I’ve spent fascinating over dragons. Now if there were a ghost dragon? Yeah, give me all the books on that shit. I will read it for weeks if those existed. As it stands right now? I just need to figure out more about each dragons specific traits because I am not going to bring peace if I can’t find common ground.)

Anyways, back to the thing Yvren saw. Turns out it was his and Goranth‘s maker. Go figure. Made coming to this out of the way place at least a bit more interesting. Maybe if I can speak to him at a bar or something I can find out any of those embarrassing kid stories that parents seem to always have…although that may not apply here to a dwarf and his warforged creations…think I’ll pass on that. Also, once again got cheesed at Hanna for lack of info…big shock.

So Drunveit ends up mentioning some city in this barriered up mountain range. When we actually get there? Not much goes on for a few hours. We all split up, check out sections of town we have interest in, and move on. I think Zanorin went off to the Wizard Tower, or whatever the equivalent is in Rasund. Kurakoth and I went to the library to continue seeking knowledge on our respective goals. I have a feeling Kurakoth found something interesting in his time here…he feels more…peaceful than I’ve seen of him. Maybe all of that old age and retrospect is catching up to him, who knows.

I know I’ve still got lots of information to gather on the different dragons, but here’s something very interesting we found out upon reaching a later point in the day-
The prince that runs this city alongside a council of advisors? He’s Drunveit‘s son. Yep there’s one hook of bizarre in this town. The man said he chose to step down and vanish because he didn’t want to rule. But it’s NEVER that simple. Maybe if I get the chance I can ask him about that, maybe drum up some conversation since I doubt this’ll be a pass through trip like some of the other cities we’ve been in. But I think there’s something that’ll be more important for myself while we’re here.

Hanna and I are going to have a chat. Because now I know…Vyre (apparently the purple dragon that sent me my scales for the Dragonborn ritual, and the one who Hanna gets orders from) knows the prince. And that random amethyst we were told to find? Turns out it had a purple dragon scale inside of it that the prince seemed to be expecting. And now with Hanna here thanks to the prince giving her the city’s coordinates for a teleport? Ol’ Regi‘s gonna be figuring out whats going on here, and what we’ve all been apparently dragged into. If I thought bringing some modicum of peace to the dragons was going to be difficult? I have a feeling whatever we’re in on is something much…much bigger than any of us is lead to believe.

The New Guy
Session 12

So we after we finished up with the thieves guild we somehow decided to stay and help with the aftermath and rebuilding or something like that. Apparently the guild was worse than I thought considering the entire town thought of us as heroes and didn’t even ask about all the stuff we got from the guild hall.
Anyways, while we were doing this some fancy-looking noble walks up and starts up a conversation with Shiny. I was curious so I moved over to join in (eavesdrop). Turns out his parents were killed right in front of him by the thieves guild years ago. I’d probably feel bad for him if it hadn’t happened decades ago and he wasn’t rich anyways. Kids I knew didn’t have parents to begin with and those that lost them lost everything else too, they didn’t have a mansion or servants to take care of them. Still, he bears a grudge for the thieves guild so he can’t be all that bad. Though I was surprised when he asked to join our party and more surprised at how quickly everyone agreed. Well everyone except Yvren but he’s never liked elves. To be honest I’m still a little surprised to find out that he’s a ghost, though it makes sense and explains a lot of what he can do.
Anyways, after he gets recruited that mirror thing lights up and we get a call from Hanna, Reggir‘s patron I guess, she basically tells us to go to these mountains that no one has ever returned from and find a town that no one has found and they can’t pinpoint it anymore than “it’s on the mountain”. Really narrowing the search there. So I’m viewing this as pretty much a suicide mission and then everyone agrees. I eventually do considering we have nothing better to do and to be honest I feel like if I’m with these guys we can accomplish things many have failed at.
So we go to the mountains grabbing a supply cache on the way and end up getting trapped in the mountains by some weird magic that basically made us loop back to some earlier point. It was an interesting bit of magic to be sure and far beyond what I can do at this moment but… maybe someday.
After a while we got attacked by some bats that were abnormally strong. During the fight Yvren possessed one of them which surprised me that he would reveal such an ability that could link him so easily to being a ghost in front of the New Guy. But I’m sure we can pass it off as some sort of magic spell.
But I’m getting off track. After the attack we rested and then in the morning set out for a cave we saw that the bats might have come from. Inside we found it crawling with thousands of beetles. Salty was actually useful for once and blasted at least half of them without hitting any of us. After we dealt with the rest we went deeper into the cave and found out its actually a tunnel that led out to where we are now.

One too many pilferings
Session 11

So, after a lovely night visitng with Visulth’s mate and Child, we then politely requested transport from the trio back to the continent of the notorious thieves guild that continued to hound Zanorin. Thus after a three hour tour of the local ocean, we arrived at the port city which we had left some weeks previous, and proceeded quickly to the town of ill repute which the guild had claimed as their own. During our trip, we were forced into conflict with a somewhat less than mighty green dragon, Who fell swiftly before the blades of Goranth. Upon arriving at the shabby town, we decided to split into two groups. Goranth, Zanorin, and Reggir the Gibbled all decided to assault the base from one of the hidden exits, whilst kurakoth multihued and the very spiritual Yvren sought to make a distraction. our infiltration was extremely successful, with no alarm raised on our end. When we arrived into the hideout, we were met by the betrayer, Vincent Craven-son, who we immediatly discovered to be posessed by Yvren with Kurakoth in the bag of holding.

After discovering their Shenanigans, we proceeded swiftly through the hideout, slaughtering all resistance. we throoughly looted the office of the leader, after which we killed him. He had unfortunately been transmuted to a statue, which allowed us ample time to prepare for the fight.

We have now left the hideout and are making our way to the nearest place of business to sell our liberated goods.

Finally got the gold!
Session 10

So Yvren and I came back from the tunnels when we found it branched off into a labyrinth. When we met up with everyone we decided to go check it out using the right-hand rule so we don’t get lost. First we got extra provisions from the crown in case we end up being in there for large amount of time.
We ended up running into some dire rats first a few hours in. I practiced my terrible aim with a bow while Goranth and Raggir beat them up. Turns out they’d eaten some gold…and a lot of it. There was also a strange mirror in one that we ended up finding out that it’s a two-way mirror connected to a kobold that wasn’t particularly interested in talking and deactivated the mirror. Kurakoth held onto the mirror and we kept going. We ran into some shiny lions that ended up vanishing on the spot. I determined that they were summoned and their duration had just ended. So we continued onward. We ended up at a cavern with a lake and a waterfall. Yvren played around a bit with his illusions and telekinesis by throwing fish at us while walking on water. We ended up camping there for the night as we had spent probably 12 hours walking around.
In the morning we checked the mirror again but couldn’t get it to activate until I recalled the phrase that turned it on initially. We were then looking at a fairly good-looking human with purple hair that apparently is this “Hannah” Raggir has spoken too. When she found out that the city of Pegra had been stolen from she knew instantly that it was someone called Topaz and told us to find him. She really wasn’t very helpful beyond that though. Kurakoth and Yvren said they would like to become her friend and she agreed as her goals should not interfere with theirs. I was just surprised at how much she seemed to know of our group considering what little we know of each other. We also managed to keep the mirror as a possible way to contact her in the future which may prove quite useful.
So we continued onward in the labyrinth after she deactivated the mirror. and ended up stumbling onto a topaz colored kobold taking a bath. Kurakoth shooed us out of the room and started calming the kobold down using the diplomatic approach. Unsure of how long this would take Yvren and I decided we would check out one of the other paths from the lake area. As we started to head out Kurakoth came back so we decided we might as well stay.
When to kobold found out why we were there he indirectly revealed that he was not Topaz as most of us assumed and he seemed quite perturbed. We followed him through a series of passages until we got to another cavern, this one much bigger with entrances that could fit Salty even. The kobold then told us to wait here and he left. When he returned he brought back a human and stated that this was our thief.
I congratulated him on a successful and possibly difficult heist as I was impressed that this lone human could rob an entire treasury by himself. Kurakoth was wondering why a human would be associating with kobolds at which point Topaz laughed and changed form to reveal his true form as a Topaz dragon. Yvren let us know later that Topaz dragons are gem dragons that are mostly neutral and use psionics. I’m glad we didn’t have to fight him and instead convinced him to return the gold and take credit for helping us find it. He agreed as he only stole it in the first place to prove that he could and had no real need for the money. Odd for a dragon.
Kurakoth talked with the kobold some more in private before we were led out of the caves near the city. Salty found us quite quickly. I waved and said hi but all he did was shoot lightning near me again, missed of course. Yvren commented on his poor aim and I agreed. Poor thing should learn to shoot straight….and to let go of a grudge over such a trivial matter. As we approached the castle I noticed Topaz dropping off the gold. Literally. He made it rain gold into the castle gardens. I was quite amused at his method of return. Kurakoth was to apparently as he clapped his hands over his head.
When we got to the castle gardens the queen approached us. She picked up one of the bags on the ground and gave it to us saying that it was our reward. We each got 2500 gold pieces and the group got a bag of holding. Having completed our task the queen offered to let us stay the night in the castle which we graciously accepted after some of us went shopping.
During the night I learned some new spells that found I could hold more in my memory at a time. I am pleased with my progress into the arcane and hope that my skill will continue to increase. I look forward to the point where I don’t require everyone else to fight while I practice my poor archery capabilities. Well, time for bed for who knows what tomorrow will bring…

The Delivery
Mistakes Have Been Made

From “Tomes of the Vision Quest: The City of Dragons”

Let it be said that riding horseback-style on a dragon only works when you have scales of your own to cushion the movements. I would be in such pain and discomfort if I were still a simple elf. Flying on a dragon is much more exhilarating however, as you have a much larger view and the air is so much cleaner.

Regardless, after much travel and inner-thought, I finally caught up to my group with the help of Visulth. I believe it will take time to get him to trust me further than he does as of late, though. The only true conversation I’ve gleaned from him seems to be about this Hannah and The Mission. I hardly believe it is as simple as protecting me, even if he is a juvenile and may not have been told much more than that. I must make an effort to gather his favour as well as find out more, if I can, about the surrounding area and other dragons living about.

The goblins that ambushed us on the road through the desert seemed as though they were prepared for us, but given how they could not scratch myself or Goranth and were easily outplayed by Kurakoth’s spells seems to state otherwise. An otherwise uneventful encounter.

Reaching the city itself and approaching the gates brought about some very interesting information, as we (myself especially) were quite nervous of the potential reaction to Visulth if he followed too closely, even from the air. Turns out we had no true reason to worry, as the city seems to be a neutral zone of sorts to all dragons in the surrounding areas after speaking to Queen Delura and her daughter, Nelota. Seeing a girl as young as the princess walk up to Visulth so calmly and to see the familiarity is something I someday hope will be a more common thing for people (but that comes after bridging gaps between the dragons themselves, no small feat in itself). Zanorin was nothing but annoying for the most part of the delivery, however, as his still-young thoughts egged him into teasing a dragon, regardless of the power they hold. I can still swear a few scales on my back are close to falling off at any point given the shots Visulth and Medreth had fired upon me.

Unfortunately, the trip lost all sense of wonder (at least the good kind) from this point as it turns out the castle vault has been completely emptied. It is a truly outrageous task to have been completed, and I worry given our information that the vaults are not frequently checked sets a good chance the riches are quite a ways away from the city already. From the information Kurakoth, Goranth and I collected, the Prince seems incredibly suspicious (to myself at the very least, I have not asked Kurakoth and Goranth of their opinions yet) due to his being the one most often checking the vault and that he had been there the night before at it was “fine”. The hole in the vault is obviously the way the thieves escaped with it, but the tunnel seems like it is quite long, considering Yvren’s and Zanorin’s lack of appearance. I wonder sometimes how often they truly stay around if not to simply wait before going their own way once again. Another question I intend to answer if I can find out anything more about either of them. Given how reclusive they are, I feel like that may be a more difficult task than getting more of Visulth’s trust.

I must find a way to let my allies know of my suspicions before it is too late to potentially act upon them. On the other hand, I must also find a way to learn a few of Kurakoth’s tricks. For the “old, wizened kobold” I had originally pegged him for, he has many clever ways of getting his messages across as well as be very adept at grabbing everyone’s attention. I can understand more and more as the journey continues how he could be a second Kurlamak. For now, we wait for Zanorin and Yvren to return unless they take much longer. Perhaps I can take the time to attempt another pass at gaining Visulth’s trust.

Here There Be Dragons
Side-Plot of Reggir

So…let me be completely honest and say that waking up half-dead on a beach with a pack full of spoiled foods and your gold looted from your unconscious body is not a fun thing…But then again, the alternative of actually being dead from getting shot twice by dragon breath isn’t nice either. I still don’t really know how I’m alive right now.

Anyways, aside from my “genius” idea to simply approach some territorial blue dragons and yelling at them to stop fighting to speak to me…not the best of ideas…or one I should have gone with in the first place.

On the upside, I did find out I can use my breath underwater to kill fish enmasse to sell in the nearby market and gather some food as well as act as a form of echo location to find jewels. So that at least makes up for my money and food problem. Now to figure out the fastest way to catch up with Kurakoth and the others. I need to make it a point to get to know each of them- not knowing the group you travel with a big risk, and I was a fool for not acting on that sooner. I guess fleeing a Thieves Guild and travelling continents tends to make you forget that a bit. Who knew?

Well…this has been a whole lot of nothing to help me along the way. A desert has got to be the worst place to try and track a group with the constant sandstorms and uneven terrain. Maybe I’ll go a bit to the West and try to find that ocean that wasn’t too far along the map I looked at.

Okay. So this is a thing.

Apparently my luck turned around a bit today…because I’m now suddenly some sign for these blues I saw before about some weird draconic prophecy or something that has to do with this weird purple…female…thing that now is occupying part of my mind to keep me going towards…something…I still can’t get a straight answer as to what is going on from these cryptic dragons. Apparently it has to do a lot with my dragonborn scale colouring as well as the one who actually sent me the scales in the first place…once again in the dark as to that information that seems to involve me…A LOT. Turns out those two dragons names are Visalth and Medreth. That helps a bit being able to call a dragon on a name-basis. Even if it isn’t their true name.

Either way, thanks to Visalth, Medreth, and Purple-Dragon-Lady (man I need to find out her name as well, cause that just doesn’t sound good) I finally have a quick way to catch up to the others…and it looks like it involved flying on Visalth…This is going to be interesting.

The First Desert Voyage
Session 7

After witnessing the mighty battle between two dragons, the locals made known to us that they were unable to transport their goods across the desert without protection from said dragons. Being kindhearted and light-pursed adventurers, we agreed to escort them across the desert in two round-trips, thus providing them with the means to sell their goods and us with some needed cash. The first day of the trip was uneventful, as we encountered only some strange simian beings, who jump and chirp frivolously and without rhyme or reason. They seem to have taken a liking to the Silent One, who accompanied us with her sisters in the hopes that we might invest in them and start a franchise selling various useful goods to locals in the large city. The kobolds of the sewer also joined us, providing some needed "man"power and a potential meat shield should be require one.

The Ballad of Kurakoth Multihued
Verse 2, by Nabzif Plat

Our Lord, our lord, a helper of children
They’re healed, they’re healed, by a ghost-born draught
With a razor-sharp mind he chose the course
Deeper and deeper into the darkness they fought

He sought out evil to smite it all
Instead, instead, masks he found
Water was purified, presents received
Onward the journey above the ground

Lightning and thunder smote Reggir
He flailed, he flailed, and finally fell
Yvren went forth to loot his corpse
Onwards, onwards to where dragons now dwell

Kurakoth, Kurakoth
Kruziik rovaaniik
Hin kurlah ni geblaan bahzim amativ
pel hin kalah, gegein pah
kriist mul midrak paal
Kurakoth, ko hin vahrukt mu mirodah


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