Velec is a continent in the South Western Hemisphere of Gezegen. The inhabited areas of Velec are forested, the rest is covered by the untravelled Vail Mountains. Most of the people living on Velec are hunters and weaponsmiths. There are six major centers in Velec:







The major races living on Velec are the Elves with the occasional Human. The Vail Mountains are inhabited entirely by dwarves.

There are many smaller towns and cities on Velec including:


The former Ral’Endas


Many thousand years ago Velec was a beautiful wild land. There were no sentient beings on the continent. Clan Grimiron came across the continent after being banished from Bysu. They came across the familiar looking mountains and made themselves at home. They knew that they would never again be welcome on the mountain continent. So they built a stonghold, and protected their land as best they could in case the Bysu clans ever decided to take over their little haven. Many years later the elves discovered Velec and took over the forests. Clan Grimiron had never had dealings with elves and so did not understand these odd new creatures and the elves seemed willing enough to cooperate. They attempted to trade and be friendly with the elves, but soon arguments became more and more common until the dwarves simply decided to cut ties with the elves, they put up more protections on all sides of their mountains and soon became no more than a distant memory, and then a fable, and then no more than the occasional rumor.


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