Caves and Creations

Flying Fish...Never Again

From the journal of Reggir Flouronn:

So that cave we exited? Yeah, that was an interesting start to things. Let’s just say that when the first thing you see upon leaving a cave is swarms of levitating piranha flying at you…you know the day is just going to get weirder.

So here’s how things went:
Yvren put up an illusionary wall to try and trick the fish…didn’t work. In hindsight, creatures that have existed here for who knows how long would have a better knowledge of the area than we would give them credit for. Anyways, after we finished dealing with those things we climbed down the cliffside into a long and overgrown forest. This didn’t really lead us to much…until Yvren saw something upon doing his ghostly…spectre…stuff (Give me a break, just because I’ve lived 125 years doesn’t mean I know anything about ghosts. My whole life I’ve spent fascinating over dragons. Now if there were a ghost dragon? Yeah, give me all the books on that shit. I will read it for weeks if those existed. As it stands right now? I just need to figure out more about each dragons specific traits because I am not going to bring peace if I can’t find common ground.)

Anyways, back to the thing Yvren saw. Turns out it was his and Goranth‘s maker. Go figure. Made coming to this out of the way place at least a bit more interesting. Maybe if I can speak to him at a bar or something I can find out any of those embarrassing kid stories that parents seem to always have…although that may not apply here to a dwarf and his warforged creations…think I’ll pass on that. Also, once again got cheesed at Hanna for lack of info…big shock.

So Drunveit ends up mentioning some city in this barriered up mountain range. When we actually get there? Not much goes on for a few hours. We all split up, check out sections of town we have interest in, and move on. I think Zanorin went off to the Wizard Tower, or whatever the equivalent is in Rasund. Kurakoth and I went to the library to continue seeking knowledge on our respective goals. I have a feeling Kurakoth found something interesting in his time here…he feels more…peaceful than I’ve seen of him. Maybe all of that old age and retrospect is catching up to him, who knows.

I know I’ve still got lots of information to gather on the different dragons, but here’s something very interesting we found out upon reaching a later point in the day-
The prince that runs this city alongside a council of advisors? He’s Drunveit‘s son. Yep there’s one hook of bizarre in this town. The man said he chose to step down and vanish because he didn’t want to rule. But it’s NEVER that simple. Maybe if I get the chance I can ask him about that, maybe drum up some conversation since I doubt this’ll be a pass through trip like some of the other cities we’ve been in. But I think there’s something that’ll be more important for myself while we’re here.

Hanna and I are going to have a chat. Because now I know…Vyre (apparently the purple dragon that sent me my scales for the Dragonborn ritual, and the one who Hanna gets orders from) knows the prince. And that random amethyst we were told to find? Turns out it had a purple dragon scale inside of it that the prince seemed to be expecting. And now with Hanna here thanks to the prince giving her the city’s coordinates for a teleport? Ol’ Regi‘s gonna be figuring out whats going on here, and what we’ve all been apparently dragged into. If I thought bringing some modicum of peace to the dragons was going to be difficult? I have a feeling whatever we’re in on is something much…much bigger than any of us is lead to believe.



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