Female Elven Acrobat

Alignment Unknown
Age Unknown
Hometown Varin
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Red
Left/Right Handed Unknown
Defining Features Elysian Thrush is always around her
Preferred Clothing Unknown
Motivations Unknown
Fears Unknown
Likes Animals and Lucian
Dislikes Unknown
Quirks Unknown


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Husband Lucian Unknown Elf Friendly Unknown The Extraplanar Circus

The party met Candice at the circus in Malek. She asked them to find out what is going on between her husband and Faera, as she (and much of the party) spotted Lucian giving Faera a small black box. This box was later found to hold a pearl necklace.

Candice paid half the money for the quest up front, the other half to be paid when the situation is remedied.


Gezegen Oroano