Female Human Rogue

Alignment Unknown
Age 15
Hometown Littus
Height 4’5"
Weight Unknown
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Red
Left/Right Handed Unknown
Defining Features Unknown
Preferred Clothing Hooded shirt and form fitted clothes for easier maneuverability.
Motivations Keeping herself and her sisters alive.
Fears Her sisters’ deaths.
Likes To talk.
Dislikes Unknown
Quirks Unknown


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Sister Grace 14 Human Friendly Unknown Littus
Sister Alice 12 Human Friendly Unknown Littus

Child met in Littus. Stole from party, who are currently trying to aid her in curing her sisters Alice and Faith.

Now they have a small shop set up in Pegra by the adventurers. With 275GP to start up.

Additional terms: 20% of store profits will be held for the party but can be reinvested, the girls will not offer discounts to the party unless the purchase is bulk, but will buy items at no less than 75% original value, magical item discount to be discussed.


Gezegen Oroano