Male Blue Dragon

Alignment Lawful Evil
Age Not Young
Hometown None, Lives on Ista
Height Tall
Weight Heavy
Eye Colour Blue with Orange Sclera
Hair Colour N/A
Left/Right Handed N/A
Defining Features Unknown
Preferred Clothing None
Motivations Unknown
Fears Unknown
Likes Camels
Dislikes Unknown
Quirks Can be friendly


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Food Bringer Reggir Flouronn 125 Years Elf Friendly Lawful Neutral PC

Kit quite enjoys his regular conversation with the Food Bringer. He doesn’t get much company, and if he does they usually run away screaming from the chromatic dragon. With the Food Bringer out trying to find his niche in his puny lifespan Kit is going to have to find his own entertainment… Maybe he’ll go bug some of his other dragon friends. Or maybe his sister will come for a visit, that always cheers him up… The fighting that is.


Gezegen Oroano