Male Elf Ringleader

Alignment Unknown
Age Unknown
Hometown Varin
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Red
Left/Right Handed Unknown
Defining Features Unknown
Preferred Clothing Unknown
Motivations Unknown
Fears Unknown
Likes Candice
Dislikes Unknown
Quirks Unknown


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Wife Candice Unknown Unknown Friendly Unknown The Extraplanar Circus

The party met Lucian at the circus in Malek. He was spotted passing a small box, later found to contain a pearl necklace, to Faera. His wife Candice paid the party to find out why her husband is giving other women jewellery.

Lucian has agreed to take the circus north to Kurakoth’s homelands to entertain the kobold tribes there.


Gezegen Oroano