Male Human Spellthief

Experience 10000
Level 6
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 16
Hometown Llandarin
Height 5’7’’
Weight 120 lbs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Right/Left Handed Ambidextrous
Defining Features Scars on right hand. Devilishly Good Looking.
Preferred Clothing None
Motivations Staying alive
Fears Death, the Thieves Guild, and Letting people get close
Likes Money and Safety
Dislikes Orcs, Half-orcs, Traitors
Quirks Sometimes talks to self when deep in thought.


Relation Name Age Race Friendly/Hostile Alignment Current Location
Old Guild Head Bagdud 20 Half-Orc Unfriendly Unknown Llandarin
Ex-Friend Vin Craysin 32 Human Hostile Unknown Unknown
Head of The Thieves’ Guild Qos Delanoesh Unknown Elf Hostile Unknown Last Spotted in Malek

I was born a guild rat. I don’t know who my parents were or if they are even alive. My guild was The Burning Hands. A half-orc called Bagdud lead it. In order to stay in the guild and thus have somewhere to sleep we had to steal in order to get enough money to pay guild dues each week. I was out stealing one day when someone actually noticed I stole from them and caught me. I think he saw potential in me because he asked if I wanted a better life than that of a guild rat. I eagerly took up his offer to escape our head. Bagdud‘s beatings have killed before if you didn’t pay the dues on time.
I was then taken into The Thieves’ Guild where I was trained in the art of stealth. It was there that I discovered I had a knack for spells and could even cast a few. I practiced this in secret so that I had an advantage no one knew about. Unfortunately I became a less good at pick pocketing because of this. Eventually I realized that this was the same as my guild just with nicer stuff. I couldn’t leave. Any money I made went to the leaders. In return I get a nice room and free meals. The meals were nice but not enough to take away my freedom.
It was then I planned my escape. I confided in my only friend, my mentor, the one who brought me here. During the escape we walked into three people who were not supposed to be there. That’s when my friend walked to them, turned around, and said no one is allowed to leave the thieves guild. He betrayed me. The one time I made a friend and he betrays me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take on three of them plus him. So I escaped. Barely. I only managed it with the surprise that I could use magic. I have never trusted anyone else since. And I have never stopped running either. I never know when or even if they’ll find me. I just know that when they do, they’ll kill me. So I have to keep moving and trust no one but myself.


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