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  • Satulwe-Kirya

    Satulwe-Kirya, also known as Flagship, is a small port town about an hour and a half (walking) away from [[Malek]] on [[Velec]]. As most of the ports are owned by Malekite elves the town is not particularly wealthy. The Satulwe elves are significantly …

  • Llandarin

    [[Velec]] The large town in southern [[Velec]] where [[:zanorin]] grew up and developed his hatred of authority and corruption. The two largest guilds in the town; [[The Burning Hands]] and [[The Llandarin Theives' Guild]], are constantly fighting …

  • Ral'Endas

    The Warforged town near the [[Vail Mountains]] in [[Velec]] created and populated by the scientist [[:drunveit]]. This is where [[:yvren]] grew up, was experimented on, and killed prior to joining the adventuring party.

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