House Rules

The DM reserves the right to change these rules at any time, so please check this page before each session.

1. Characters are to be created with a maximum of two templates, if this causes problems discuss it with the DM who will decide whether she is feeling nice.

2. Ability scores are to be rolled as per the Players Handbook: roll 4d6 (disregard lowest die roll) 6 times and allocate.

3. Players will only gain information that their character is privy to.

4. If a player states that a character does something, the character does it. If the character would have known otherwise the DM will inform the player and the player can then, and only then, change his mind.. Use of Intelligence and Wisdom checks will be common.

5. The DM will determine any rules issue as she sees appropriate. If a player believes the wrong decision was made they may say so once. The DM’s ruling will apply for the current situation and she will check the rule after the session and rule appropriately in the next occasion it becomes relevant.

6. Players (and DM) should try to speak in character whenever possible.

7. To make gameplay more interesting and likely more dangerous any time a spell of the top two spell levels known (excluding 0 level) is cast in combat the caster must make a concentration check vs DC10+Spell Level. The check is treated as an “attack roll” where a roll of 1 is a critical fail and a roll of 20 is a critical success. This allows casters a chance to both critically succeseed and critically fail with all spells.

8. Experience gains won’t be posted until the Adventure Log is posted.

House Rules

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