Malek is the second largest city on Velec. As are all Veletian cities, it is made and ruled by the elves. Most buildings are built into the trees, so if they didn’t want you to notice the city it could easily disappear into the forest surrounding it. Being near the Harsari Lake a very important hobby of the Malekites is boating. Another important hobby and export of the city is painting. One of the most well known scenes in the world is of the mysterious Vail Mountains over the lake.

Malekites seem to distrust non-elves with a passion.

The elven council rules and controls most aspects of the city. The elves rule the city with the usual tact and grace, though make them angry and you have an entire city of trained elves on your heels. The city of Malek discourages guilds and the council takes the place of lead of any groups of that sort, aside from the temples which are lead by the clerics and other religious leaders.

The elves of Malek have been told of the jungle kobold tribe, but leave any interaction to the elves of Garrant by order of the High Elvish council in Altin.

Towns Near Malek:


NPCs in Malek:

Lord Balafin


Lord Balafin and his daughter Faera live in a large tree on the Eastern side of the city.


Gezegen Oroano